"Actually Kind of Fun" Award (for best gameplay)

Discussion of the different award categories and nominations.
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"Actually Kind of Fun" Award for best gameplay

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Piccolo MD
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Sonic Generations: An enjoyable Sanic game, who'd have thought? Good thing the storyline doesn't count as gameplay.
Terraria: Color me autistic, it's actually pretty addicting.
Catherine: The right blend of challenge, forgiveness, and difficulty slope in a puzzle game.

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The binding of Isaac: a randomly generated action RPG shooter with 2D Zelda-like rooms and shit, what's not to like.
Portal 2: portals now with jelly, gravity beams and co-op, can't hate this.

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dark souls!

Lord Xenu
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Binding of Isaac
Portal 2

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Squidward Sword for using motion controls in a way that wasn't shit but also was really cool and rewarded mastery.

Dark Souls for having an awesome online concept and incredible variety in playstyle and character build.

Manstruator Jim
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Dark Souls
Sonic Gen

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Skyward Sword because the motion controls were done really well and it turned out to be a lot of fun.
Sonic Generations because it's got both the classic and modern gameplay styles, both executed fantastically.

LittleBigPlanet 2 I'm not so sure... It's a good game, but I don't know if it's the gameplay that defines it unlike other games.
Monster Girl Quest obviously not. Regardless of what you think of the game overall, it is clearly NOT the gameplay that is determining is quality; it's a god damn visual novel.

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Maybe this should be removed , so many gaems and so many different styles

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We should remove this category, it will only cause controversy.

If we do keep it, than my vote goes to Dark motherfucking Souls.

[[email protected]] Glorious Dave
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Portal 2